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Connexxioncut 2 Saw Blades for Flying Saw Applications

Flying saw

Product concept
On tube mill flying saw applications, cold sawing techniques are necessary to maintain cut quality on heavy wall or hard materials. Where cutting speed limits of coated HSS saw blades have been reached, Connexxioncut 2 saw blades provide an effective solution. The saw blades can be supplied with an extremely low friction wear-resistant coating to produce cutting speeds up to 800 m/min. This can provide the opportunity to greatly increase tube mill speeds.

Machine technical conditions
In recent years, several well known flying saw manufacturers have developed machines specifically to optimize the cutting speed potential of Connexxioncut 2 saw blades. The most important features are adequate motor power, peripheral blade speed and a dynamic feed control with ball screw drive. ACT provides a technical consultancy through Kinkelder USA’s technical service to help customers optimize the sawing conditions on their flying saws.

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