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Connexxioncut 1 Saw Blades

Connexxioncut 1 Saw Blades for Harder Materials

Harder materials

This PVD coated saw blade is ideal for cutting high tensile solid materials at very high production rates. Even at tensile strengths in excess of 1000 N/mm², greatly extended blade life can be achieved.
Connexxioncut 2 Saw Blades

Connexxioncut 2 Saw Blades for Flying Saw Applications

Flying saw

Product concept
On tube mill flying saw applications, cold sawing techniques are necessary to maintain cut quality on heavy wall or hard materials. Where cutting speed limits of coated HSS saw blades have been reached, Connexxioncut 2 saw blades provide an effective solution. The saw blades can be supplied with an extremely low friction wear-resistant coating to produce cutting speeds up to 800 m/min. This can provide the opportunity to greatly increase tube mill speeds.

Machine technical conditions
In recent years, several well known flying saw manufacturers have developed machines specifically to optimize the cutting speed potential of Connexxioncut 2 saw blades. The most important ...
Connexxioncut 3 Saw Blades

Connexxioncut 3 Saw Blades for Automatic Sawing Machines

On automatic sawing machines

Product concept
Connexxioncut 3 has been developed for cutting tubes on high-quality automatic sawing machines, much faster than with HSS saw blades. The performance of Connexxioncut is of particular importance on:
• Thick wall tubes
• Very high strength steels
• High volume or output

Conditions of the sawing machine
The Connexxioncut 3 saw blade is particularly effective on flying saws with accurate control of chip load and a variable feed rate and a ball screw drive.
Connexxioncut 4 Saw Blades

Connexxioncut 4 Saw Blades For Stainless Steel Tube

Stainless steel tube

Product concept
The high nickel content of austenitic stainless steel tubes makes them difficult to cut with HSS saw blades. Cutting speeds need to be limited to maintain an acceptable blade life. With the special Connexxioncut 4 saw blade cutting speeds can be increased by up to 100%.

Connexxioncut 5 Saw Blades for Light Duty Sawing Machines

On light duty sawing machines

Product concept
This TCT saw blade is ideal for use on sawing machines designed for HSS blades. It has been adapted to saw hard materials or at high speeds within the power limitations of these machines. Connexxioncut 5 can provide a cost effective solution to extending the production capabilities of light duty sawing machines.

Connexxioncut 6 Saw Blades for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel

The sawing of austenitic stainless steel places particular demands on the saw blade. For this special application, tooth geometry, cutting tip materials and coatings were developed for the Connexxioncut 6 saw blade based on the latest applications research.
Connexxioncut 7 Saw Blades

Connexxioncut 7 Saw Blades for Soft Materials

Soft materials

Connexxioncut 7 is a very economic saw blade for sawing soft materials. like forging steel. On some applications blade life of 50 m² and greater can be achieved.
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